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Bitrix Pro et Contra
That document describes KT.GROUP review for Bitrix (most popular Russian CMS)
Opensource solution
That meants that you can change anything in source code, including core (but not recommended)
Widely spreaded in Russia
A lot plugins for RU/UA/KZ services
Swiss knife
A lot of preinstalled extensions what makes it one of the fastest-to-go solution for small business
Support price
Medium support price for middle dev is around 40$ per hour.
Absence of any standarts
No Elastic, LESS/SASS, frameworks and any enterprise-known standarts.
Absense of international presense
All plugins and core can have russian artifacts. Virtually unknown solution - no one test solution in EU/US infrastructure. Plugins have no internalization. Almost no plugins for US/EU.
Many solutions good only in words
Face recognition, agreements, poor or very difficult settings, a lot of bugs. That in general makes many components of a Swiss knife useless. A lot of solutions - many solutions ("composite site" for example) are outdated and poor copies of international solutions.
Support price
Support price comparable with medium-to-large solutions.
Not designed for high loads
All internet catalogue have only 2 tables. All infoblocks in only 2 tables. No no-sql storage (ELASTICSEARCH, and so one). Extremely poor indexer. The only option to make in faster on large solutions - have a hard cache for all pages (Varnish are not supported as well).