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Development of a B2B Portal with the Loyalty System Implemented


MW-LIGHT is the leading distributor of decorative lighting set in the Russian and CIS markets.e company owns a Federal network of its own and franchised retail stores, as well as an online store at the Federal level.


It was necessary to develop a B2B portal with a personalized shopping cart for each customer. Due to the company's specifics, we had to implement a training system and a loyalty program for company employees.


    • Development of a B2B portal on Magento 2.
    • Integration with 1C.
    • Development of a loyalty system.
    • Training system Implementation
    • Multi-cart personalization for each customer.

      Development of a B2B portal on Magento 2

      An online store with a catalog providing the huge functional capacities, a personalized multi-cart, integration of a training system and a loyalty program for employees.

      Integration with 1C

      The data is instantly uploaded right into 1C if website users do the following:
      • place a new order;
      • cancel an order;
      • change or cancel the order data fields;
      • change user roles in the company;
      • request Excel documents from 1C.

      Multi-cart Customization

      The shopping cart is designed in a way to reflect personal data of each legal entity customer.

      For the manufacturer's sales department, there is a multi-cart, where you can set several delivery addresses for the same item in the cart, select one or several companies and choose a customer pickup.

      As a result, the sales manager works with several organizations simultaneously and can form several orders at the same time with a single button clilck.

      Functional catalog

        • Stock balances in the context of warehouses available to the distributor.
        • Unique prices for the distributor, taking into account the current promotions.
        • Transparent and centralized pricing. All current promotions are downloaded from 1C.
        • Terms of product delivery.
        • Product delivery terms for pre-order or directly from the manufacturing site.
        • Detailed product description, high-quality photos and assembly diagrams for each product.
          Training system
            • In the training section, you can select a program and apply for it.
            • Monetization of knowledge is based on the accumulation of points for completing the training. Points for the training are accrued automatically.
            • It is possible to flexibly configure different types of incentives for different types of training to support this kind of motivation.
            • The website is integrated with iSpring, where the previous trainings have been organized. Accounts on the MW-LIGHT portal were linked to the corresponding iSpring accounts, so that there is no need for repeat registration. You can access your personal account on iSpring directly from the portal.

              Loyalty program for employees

                • The incentive loyalty program allows getting rewarding points during the training and for sales registration.
                • Flexible configuration of rules for loyalty points accrual. For example, for different types of goods or for different outlets.
                • To register a sale, a confirming document must be attached.
                • Points for sales are accrues after the confirmation by the administrator.
                • You distinguish between different types of points based on their significance. For example, the points for sales are more significant than the training points.
                  As part of the loyalty program, a gift shop was created as a separate showcase of the online store.

                  The gift shop sells certificates that are available after accumulating a certain number of points.

                  All the certificates by manufacturers are uploaded to the portal like other products. To purchase a certificate, you need to accumulate a certain number of both types of points: for training and for sales.

                  Gift Shop

                  About our work

                  "I am quite satisfied with the work of developers. Despite all the restrictions imposed by the use of Magento, they managed to satisfy all out requirements: integration with 1C and iSpring and many other complex tasks. To sum it all up, the final product is rather convenient and helped us solve the tasks of sales automation and training the employees of distributors and franchisees."
                  Roman Lyadyshev,
                  Information Technology Director at MW-LIGHT
                  Thanks for reading!

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