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E-Сommerce Store Development
from Scratch in 4 Months




Vivienne Sabo is a famous French makeup brand.
Vivienne Sabo has an extensive network of distributors, which it cares a lot for. It was necessary to develop a multilingual e-Commerce shop, since the company operates in many different countries.
  • Development of an online store on Magento 2;
  • Integration with Axapta;
  • Loyalty system implementation;
  • Online payment integration using the Sberbank payment module.
The online store was developed from scratch.
The following features have been implemented:

About the Project

  • Integration with the Axapta ERP, used by the project fulfillment operator;
  • Adaptive web design;
  • Loyalty program to build a better customer loyalty to the online store;
  • Translation of the shop content into three languages: Russian, English and Spanish;
  • Automatic detection of the city of user's location and the store filtration on the map according to it.
The catalog design concept recreates France's romantic atmosphere and the vivid and recognizable imagery of Parisiennes. When choosing a product on the website, you can always get expert advice or watch some useful tutorials.


Product Card

Products are supplemented with large, high-quality photos to show all product details. The product itself occupies 75% of the card. A brief product description with a call to action is placed on the right, working as a powerful emotional purchase trigger. The clients' Instagram photos demonstrating the product use cases are provided as an extra argument.
For emotional support, a product photo and the number of loyalty points for the order are displayed in the shopping cart. As long as a product is added to the shopping cart, the buyer can immediately proceed to order placement, bypassing the shopping cart page. When placing an order, the preferred delivery date calendar displays on the order page, taking into account the day of the week and the address selected. Clients can pay by credit card on the website using the Sberbank payment module developed by kt.team.

Shopping cart

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