Development of a logistics management portal in the B2B sphere
October, 2018 – present
FM Logistic is a French company that provides warehousing, co-packaging, transportation and supply chain management services.
FM Logistic has worked with several WMS systems that were managing different warehouses. Data exchange between systems was carried out with delays and losses, therefore a centralized data flow control system was required.
We used Magento 2.3 as a centralized data flow management system between warehouse WMS systems, merchants (company customers) and LMS services.
Warehouse management
For efficient warehouse management, integration with WMS systems was carried out:

  • to manage acceptance, picking, shipping and other basic warehouse operations;
  • to calculate options for shipping units and packaging of goods, taking into account their size and conditions of transportation;
  • to automate document management;
  • to obtain accurate information about the location of the goods in the warehouse;
  • to simplify work with returns – the order status changes immediately in Magento.
This leads to increase of efficiency and process execution for processing goods at 27 warehouses of the company.
Delivery agent
For convenience of mail tracking, integration with many LMS systems has been done such as: LMS Shiptor, LMS Russian Post, LMS Lamoda and LMS DPD. This equates:

  • to send parcels on a global basis;
  • to send notifications of their location automatically;
  • to send data of the exact weight of parcels and goods in the context of the warehouse and the merchant (for LMS Russian Post).

A universal web service has been developed for sticking and printing labels with data on packages and orders that provides a more efficient delivery service.
Electronic Data Interchange
A separate module was made for quick processing and transfer of data about parcels and orders — exchange flows.

We have integrated with EDI, which made it possible to:
  • Transfer order data;
  • Create status triggers by OMS;
  • Form an EDI order.

An messaging interface and an SMS module were developed with the implementation of message templates (Order completed, Order sent, etc.) and sending SMS as a service.
Financial flows and payment registries
The data cache setting was made in Elastic that provides a quick calculation of a large number of conditions.

To implement the SberbankFM module, the following was carried out:
  • Setting up the ATOL + Magento bundle;
  • Development of a merchant card for setting up SberbankFM;
  • Implementation of payment documentation registers.
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