Development of a B2B portal with the loyalty system implementation
MW-LIGHT is the leading distributor of decorative lighting set in the Russian and CIS markets. The company owns a Federal network of its own and franchised retail stores, as well as an online store at the Federal level.
There was a need to develop a B2B portal with a personalized shopping cart for each customer. Due to the specificity of the company, it was necessary to implement a training and loyalty system for the staff.
  • Development of a B2B portal on Magento 2.
  • Integration with 1C.
  • Loyalty system development.
  • Training system implementation.
  • Multi shopping cart personalization for each cutomer.
Development of a B2B portal on Magento 2
Online store with a catalogue, which gives the possibility of huge functionality such as a personalized multi shopping cart, integration of the training system and loyalty programs for staff.
Integration with 1C
Data instantly gets into 1C with the following actions on the site:
  • making a new order;
  • editing or cancellation all order fields;
  • changing user roles in the organization;
  • order cancellation;
  • document query from 1C in Excel format.
Multi shopping cart personalization
The shopping cart is designed so that it can reflect personal data for each customer — for a legal body.

There is a multi shopping cart for the sales Department of the manufacturer where they can specify several shipping addresses one by one in the shopping cart, also they can choose one or several organizations and select the pick-up service.

As a result, the sales manager works simultaneously with several organizations and can generate several orders at the same time by pressing one button.
Functional directory
  • Residues in the context of warehouses available to the distributor.
  • Unique prices for a distributor, including all promotions.
  • Understandable and centralized pricing. All active promotions are loaded from 1C.
Training system
You can select a program and make an application in the training section.

Knowledge monetization occurs due to the accumulation of points for training. The training points are awarded automatically. There is a flexible adjustment of different rewards types of for different training types for this motivation.

The site integration with iSpring was implemented on which staff previously underwent training. The MW-LIGHT portal accounts on the were associated with iSpring accounts in, which eliminated the need to register once again. From the portal, you can directly access your personal account on iSpring, using the portal.
Staff loyalty program
  • The incentive loyalty program gives points for tuition and sales registration.
  • Points are awarded owing to flexible rules configuration.
  • For example, it depends on different types of goods or for different outlets. The confirming document is attached at registration of sale.
  • Points for the sale are awarded after confirmation by the administrator. You can assign different weight to different types of points. For example, sales points for have more weight than training points.
According to the loyalty program a gift shop was introduced as a separate showcase for an online store.

The gift shop contains product certificates that are available for receipt with a certain amount of accumulated points.

All manufacturers certificates are uploaded to the portal as well as products. To purchase a certificate, you need a certain number of two types of points: tuition and sales.

Gift shop
The rewiew
«I am pleased with the developers' work. Despite the Magento using limitations, they did everything we asked for: integration with 1C and iSpring and many different complex tasks. In general, the product result turned out user-friendly, and it solved the key task of sales automation and training of distributors and franchisees».
Roman Lyadyshev,
Chief Information Officer, MW-LIGHT
Thank you for your attention!