Site development and support
«Next Solutions» is a technology partner of Next Commerce, which is engaged in a full range of
e-commerce, logistics and digital marketing services.
It was necessary to develop a website with the integration of the company's contact center.
  • To create a website on Magento 1.
  • To integrate with SAP PI.
  • To integrate with a company center of Next Solutions.
  • To make auto-scaling platform..
The site creation on Magento
The Next Solutions' site was developed on Magento 1, with the possibility of support.
SAP integration
Integration with SAP PI on Magento, as a united integration platform for the entire information landscape
Contact Center Integration
Integration with Avaya allowed us to make united call lists with the results of all operations.
About our work
« The guys quickly took our projects to support. And they implemented it much cheaper than other competitors. After that, we launched a new project in 3 months.»
Ildar Khadiyev,
CTO Technical Director Next Commerce
Thank you for your attention!