The first development of
Magento 2 + Elastic B2B
turnkey basis site in Russia
online tool store
August 2016
The Russian company Norgau — develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality tools and equipment under its own brand NORGAU.
The huge amount of details in the developing of an online store B2B sector for more than 600 thousand. SKU has complexity in document flow, individual pricing and the development of an extensive order cart. Many contractors refused the project because of its complexity.
  • To create an online store on Magento 2
  • To develop B2B portal
  • To implement Akeneo PIM
  • To create a single design for the site
Norgau has become the country's first online store, developed on Magento 2 and released properly in August 2016. It's less than a year after release of Magento 2.0 (December 2015).
The online store creation on Magento 2
Implementation of Akeneo PIM
Despite the complexity of the document flow, the integration of Akeneo PIM with Magento 2 allowed the customer following advantages:
  • to change the range of site
  • to create, edit and publish products information
  • to edit marketing information
B2B portal development
  • To connect Elastic B2B
  • To integrate with Navision
  • To manage storages through WMS
  • To integrate with EGRUL (the consolidated state register of legal entities.)
  • To implement a shopping cart for 5 thousand products
The full set of document flow for legal persons was implemented on the portal: accounts, tax invoices, acceptance notes.
The most important thing is information presentation. The content is visually structured, and graphic accents direct the customer's attention.
Information about additional supplements and equipment is hide the default. Users can find it in one click.
at any time from the footer you can get to the most demanded section of the site with detailed information and help.
United design creation
The review
«The first development of B2B on Magento 2. You have done a lot of technical and design work. High quality!»
Dubovsky Alexey
Norgau IT-manager.
Thank you for your attention!