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В2В portal development for manufacturers, dealers, franchisors and wholesale companies
Customer Saint-Gobain is developing innovative solutions for construction, renovation, industry and transport.
  • B2B portal creation on Magento 2
  • Akeneo PIM Integration
  • SAP ERP Integration
  • Mobile application development on iOS and Android platforms
The project is aimed for self-service of large corporate customers. Customers should be able to create orders through the website and their own ERP systems, taking into account all the rules, allowances, discounts, penalties, pricing features and unique prices.
В2В portal development
B2B portal was developed on Magento 2.
Due to this, you can select a user responsible for the customer, a manager for each organization, a legal entity for customers by default.
SAP ERP Implementation
We have integrated with SAP ERP as there is a need to take into account the complexity of the document circulation and the customer pricing which allows to follow all the rules, supplements, discounts, fines and special aspects of unique prices.
Mobile application design and development
We have a high ambition to keep the functionality 100% and the project desktop version whereas a used-friendly and intuitive interface. The user can complete any target action in 2-4 clicks.

We have done it!
Request statuses
There is a possibility to view the entire business process and order flow diagram if a customer uses both the site, but the mobile version at the order page. This scheme is unique for each rules set and reflects real transitions at order processing.
Some statuses require confirmation by the customer, and at such cases the customer receives an e-mail notification automatically.
There is all order information at the same page
The results
In the space of a month
To set up a project with the integration of SAP, MVP on the original version of the design.
In the space
of two months
To set up a project with the full described functionality. To provide first customer inclusion.
In the space of further six months
To debug all the business processes in the account and take into consideration all the complex and rare cases.
The customer rewiew
«You are the real professionals. At the first meeting, I talked about the idea of the project, and you helped to finalize and transform it into something special».
Vladimir Belyaev,
Saint-Gobain Director of Business Development
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