That's about us
We are the best at complex projects: where unbelievable deadlines, complicated functionality, puzzling operations and undefined horizonts.
Our mission
Helping people and companies to go from traditional economics to the new technological one.
We are the group of people, united to evolve our country.
We think there are a lot of companies which do not use the advantages of the new technological epoch, and majority of people just study traditional economics.
We are for social tension reducing in our country and improving the competitiveness of our clients through innovations, marketing, business-processes and innovative educational practices.
Company structure
LLC "KT Group" includes:
Integration agency
Website technical audit
Cloud Virtual reality
Magento, Elastic, Akeneo, PimCore, Node.js/Vue.Js, CRM (Salesforce/B24), PowerBI.
The alternative of NewRelic. Software quality management.
Machine learning and AR for e-commerce.
Marketing department
Educational and social project
Digital products design
Lead generation, automatic sales funnel, quizzes.
IT courses . Free for applicants.
Design for IT products. Thrice on TOP of Behance Rating.
Our major projects
Roman Radovich
SNOWQUEEN IT-project manager
According to the results of several years of joint, fruitful work, I would like to express my gratitude to colleagues from KT.Team. Together we have come a long way, we have completed thousands of tasks, we`ve survived for 3 "Black Fridays", developed and successfully launched several large projects with an estimate of more than 2,000 man-hours. Together, I and the management of the Company are satisfied.
The project was implemented:
From 0 to 1 bln RUB with M1/M2
Magento 1, Magento 2
PIM Akeneo
24*7*365 support
Maxim Sakib
TVOE operational director
To launch the project in time, the guys literally "lived" in our office. Launched the project in time. Keep the brand, well done!
The project was implemented:
Navision Integration
Magento Enterprise
First run in 3 month with integrations
Omnichannel (60M updates/day)
500 shops and 40k$/day online
Vladimir Belyaev
Saint Gobain Director of Business Development
You are the real professionals. At the first meeting, I talked about the idea of the project, and you helped to finalize and transform it into something special.
The project was implemented:
B2B for TOP-500WW
PIM, LMS, TMS integrations
SAP ERP Integration
From 0 to 95% customers in 6 month
Magento 2 & first run in 1 month!
First in the world Magento 2 & PWA
Denis Fedyunin
La Nature IT-director
Our online store needed renovations and a "new breath". We gave preference to KT in a tender at one of the tender sites. They stood out for their progressiveness and courage in using the most advanced web technologies.
The project was implemented:
CRM and ERP-integrated online store
First PWA/VSF/M2 in the World!
10% conversion @BF!
Site redesign
Our partners
Our achievements
Instead of thousands words (2018.10)
Magento vendor in Russia
5 years of successful work
And no freelancers
Our projects
By October 2018, find more details after signing NDA.
Average of MVP in our company — one of the lowest rate in the segment among the websites with complex development
>220 000 000
Are in one of our projects
In each sector:
> telemedicine
> cosmetics
> B2B
> constructing
> government projects
> marketplaces
1 300 000
Visit one of our projects in the most loaded period
Our unique selling proposition
We guarantee launching any projects in 2 months with budget from 5 million RUB.
We are the first in launching VSF/Magento in the world. We are the first Magento 2 launching in Russia in 2016.
Our company is leading 70% of all outsourcing-companies in the area of research and data collecting.

We have projects in production on M2.3, that will be released in 4 months. We have computer vision projects as well as augmented reality once, own APM for PHP4 WorldWide.

Before doing something, we research
We create profiles and are ready to share our experience.
We can prove it with successful projects (Saint-Gobain, TVOE, Government projects with NDA) That is the absolute record for Enterprise-class projects.
We do have what to proud of
And we are ready to share our experience after the signing of NDA
Magento for big and medium enterprises
Complexity increasing
not chaos
With the growth of projects Magento will not become custom solution. That will protect your investment in future. That protects your future investments.
Magento Community —
When the commercial version is needed, it's possible to update global license for 160-320 development time.
Speedy frontend
Vue StoreFront
PWA allows to separate complex backend business logic from what a customer sees.
Hence designers feel free in creativity, marketing specialists and analytics make changes easily, users have instant rendering.

Less teams
because they are wider and more competent
In complex solutions there are a lot of integrators because they reflect the big amount of requirements.
Gartner data about Magento
— research Consulting Company from USA, which specializes in IT industry.
Magento has several offerings in addition to the base commerce platform, including solutions for OM, data and analytics, social selling, B2B commerce, and CPQ. Its recently released WCM functionality is available today as an extension, to be integrated to the core product in 2018.
Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce
Alexa Internet, Inc. is an American web traffic analysis company It is a subsidiary of Amazon. Alexa was founded as an independent company in 1996 and acquired by Amazon in 1999. Its toolbar collects data on Internet browsing behavior and transmits them to the Alexa website, where they are stored and analyzed.
Amazon about Magento
The Magento market share
In StackOverflow
In the world
The biggest as consumer and as Enterprise segment
The biggest professional community among ecommerce developers in the world
Total ownership cost is the lowest in the Enterprise segment
Up to
Want to know more about Magento?
Visit the official Magento website
Who we are
The Head office is in Togliatti. Also we have subsidiaries in Moscow and Krasnodar. In our plans to open a subsidiary in the USA for supplying our products on the western newmarket.
One of the biggest Magento studios in Russia and Eastern Europe
All about E-commerce
In Russia we have the top 2 place in Magento stack with developers.
The biggest part of our company develops, designs, analysis and tests hypothesis for E-commerce.
Offices in Russia without freelancers
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
Michael Jordan
We provide the
lifetime warranty for our code
№1 in e-commerce market share
VueJS is going to be ahead of REACT. Our company is the partner of Divante (Founders)
Machine learning and augmented reality
Our technology stack
Akeneo & PimCore. More than 5 lagre projects with PIM
Certificated analytics Google, Adibe, OWOX, Microsoft BI. hypothesis and funnels
Indexer of high loads. Elastic, Kibana. We are the experts in Elastic
Data-driven design
Our designers work with numbers before modeling
Openshift & Docker
Openshift, DAPP, Docker & Kubernetes, GITLAB/BAMBOO CI. Everything for making your environment modern
How do we control the quality of project?
Target setting — I.N.V.E.S.T.
Starts from collecting requirements. From INVEST to clickable layouts.

Integration unit testing
TDD element allows testing the work of large components and their behavior with test data.
We follow Disciplined Agile Delivery and debt management. Our project is one of the 4 APM/TD monitoring projects in the world.
Functional testing
Imitation of user actions and interface interaction with scripts.
Our QA specialists can develop unit and functional tests. They find duplicates and do everything what ordinary "middle" in other companies can`t.
Static code analysis
Allows to use particular rules in coding.
To start the project in time, the guys literally (for word) "lived" in our office. Started the project in time. Keep the brand, well done!
Chief Operating Officer
Maxim Sakib
You are the real professionals. At the first meeting, I talked about the idea of the project, and you helped to give it new breath transforming into something special.
Head of sales department
Vladimir Belyaev
For the first time we met the company that understood our needs: design concepts were approved at once. Guys work in the Invision / Sketch platform -all staff was keeping an eye on design. It was very nice for our IT staff to be supported by your designers after signing work completion statement. Hope to work again with

Managing owner. Group of companies Sozvezdiе Krasoty

Maxim Kasatyh
LLC "Norgau Russland", the development of the first B2B Magento 2 website in our country. A large amount of technical and design work was done. The quality is high.
Norgau IT-director
Alexey Dubovsky
Guys started working on our projects quickly and made it cheaper than competitors. After that, we started a new project for 3 months.
Next Commerce Chief technical officer
Ildar Hadiev
According to the results of several years fruitful work, I would like to express my gratitude to colleagues from KT.Team. We went a long way together, we have completed thousands of tasks, we`ve survived 3 "Black Fridays", developed and successfully started several large projects with amount of more than 2,000 man-hours. The management of the Company and I are fully satisfied.

IT-project manager
Roman Radovich
I consider cooperation with your company fruitful and successful. We have done a lot of work, and all the goals were achieved. It is very important for us that the team was fully involved into the project! Tasks were not done "in a hurry", and due to productive communication, we found the best solutions.
Brand -manager
Elena Morozova
Our promises
Success Fee
Money back guarantee / full refund garantee in case of failure reaching certain goals and not starting in time.

Quality Promise
We use the static analysis, functional, integrational and unit tests on our projects. We can show the real warranty hours according to our clients detalizations.
Fair play
We show standard rate price and effective one including fix price and warranty.
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