Implementation of PIM Systems

PIM system is a master system for managing products. It allows managing the rules of content addition and the display of product information, as well as the display of information in different channels, with regard to their specifics. It is part of the company's IT contour that is tightly integrated with other systems.

We are experts in Akeneo and Pimcore integration.
en: Implementation of PIM systems


en: Data import and export

Data Import and Export

Upload and download data from different sources, create upload and download rules, and perform centralized control of work with product suppliers or content managers.

Multilingual Support, Conversion of Attributes

Simple tools for translating information into different languages, automatic rules for currency and measurements conversion.
en: Multilingual support, conversion of attributes
en: Data history

Data History

The opportunity of tracking the author of any changes made and returning to any point in the data change history.

Classification by Different Sources

Useful in case you want to add different product descriptions on your web site, on Amazon, on 1C / SAP / Navision. Or if you have multiple websites with intersecting products.
en: Classification by different sources
rus: PIM-система Контроль качества информации

Information Quality Control

An operator can monitor the completeness of filling in the information (both in general and for each channel separately — the site, 1C, uploads to Amazon, ASOS or Farfetch). The system automatically informs you which parts are to be filled in first.


Business processes, rules of operators' work, and adding information provided in the same place.
Simplicity of data quality management (completeness, reliability).

One database as a single source of information

Optimizing the work of website operators

The same product can be introduced differently to different target audiences.
stored in other sources. Decreasing the cost of supporting other information systems.

Reducing the volume of product information

PXM capacities


Pimcore is not only a PIM system, but also an MDM modeler. Pimcore is indispensable for projects with large amounts of complex data and projects where it's necessary to configure interconnections/relationships between data and their inheritance.


Akeneo PIM is a master system that allows storing all information in a single database, as well as centralizing and managing marketing and technical information.

Akeneo PIM

en: Pimcore
en: Akeneo PIM


In Pimcore, any data can be structured, supplemented, imported, and exported via standardized APIs (content as a service). Pimcore is a unified MDM system with an opportunity of complex attribute inheritance and of creating any entities apart from products — customers, price variations with the conversion option, etc.
Akeneo allows you to manage products using the entity–attribute–value model. Instead of multi-level hierarchies for product families, Akeneo supports single-level hierarchies. Akeneo web interface does not provide access to data model settings.


Akeneo PIM
In addition to PIM, Pimcore offers Web content Management (WCM), digital Asset Management (DAM), as well as CDP and CMS.
Akeneo does not offer anything except for a PIM system for enterprises; other functions can be installed upon your request.
Pimcore offers personalization functionalities in the CMS, which can automatically customise parts of content based on user behaviors. Pimcore increases user engagement using user information that is based on behavior and profile and is collected via web and business analytics.
Since the Akeneo system is exclusively restricted to PIM, it does not give personalized information about the user. Nevertheless, it integrates with Avail, RichRelevance, Prediggo, Endeca, and Fredhopper.


Pimcore can integrate any amount and type of digital data regardless of its volume or industry. Manageable approach to API ensures linking to corporate CRM, ERP, ESB, BI systems or third-party applications. Support for integration endpoints is provided for all types of connections.
Akeneo offers an ecosystem of integrators — specialized "adapters" for easy integration with any product-related data sources. Akeneo only supports file import and export from/to Excel and CSV. There is no integration endpoint support for setting up connections to Java Message queues and quick access folders.
Due to the Pimcore Open Source, the system has unlimited scalability.
Like Pimcore, Akeneo is also open source, and its scalability is not limited.

Simple Integration


1. Web-based data modeling tool.
2. Corporate information management for managing the workflow or collecting business analytics.
3. Customized solutions for data integration and delivery.
4. Workflow management.
1. Editing and translating data.
2. Ensuring the quality and completeness of information.
3. Data import and export.
4. Organization and classification of products.
5. Clear interface.


Pimcore — low-code open-source платформа. Помимо PIM и MDM решения, в Pimcore есть CMS, e-Commerce и DAM элементы, которые позволяют хранить всю информацию о продуктах.


Businesses can easily manage customer data in Pimcore by collecting information about purchases and product views, and then use this data to automate certain marketing activities. Pimcore makes it easy to sort out and filter data.
Akeneo helps you create consistent products for different channels and regions. This helps decrease time to market, though does not affect the marketing automation. Since there is only one level in the product hierarchy, filtering a list of values by product family is not performed.

Customer data management


The more variations of the same product you have (colors, materials, sizes, etc.), the harder it is to monitor the filling in of product cards. XLS files help speeding up operators' work, but they are no longer sufficient.

The provision of uniform rules for products in one place allows you to speed up the fill-in and reliability control of product information and a specialized interface helps "beating the Excel".

Complex Product Variations

You enter a large amount of product information (if you are, for example, a manufacturer or a trading company).

The PIM system consolidates, coordinates, and provides a user-friendly interface that helps operators manage product information, which later on becomes available on other sources and your clients can find it online in the formats suitable for the upload to their IT systems.

Manufacture of Goods

For different types of products there can be different types of channels. Each channel requires a unique format of sales presentations. Marketing should manage this information in a centralized way.

PIM / PXM systems provide an opportunity of the centralized management of different channels, with the same verification rules applied and with regard to particularities of channels, regions, and languages.


Imagine there are tens of sources, with hundreds of parameters in each. They have different data structure, descriptions, and attribute names.

PIM aligns information from different sources. Common rules are set and a flexible system for matching parameters is provided. All sources of product information are processed centrally.



Pimcore integration for the workflow automation and data management

FM Logistic is an international logistics company that provides warehousing, cargo handling and packaging solutions and supply chain services.
The task was to develop a unified system to manage temporary employees, to automate the invoicing procedures, to manage claims and calculate employee performance KPIs, with an opportunity of sending documentation and reports to third-party companies.

Pimcore integration for tracking quantity and quality metrics

An online store working as a wholesale and retail supplier of spare parts for foreign and Russian cars.
The client was in need of a system that would allow tracking both quantity and quality metrics of content managers' work.

Integration of Akeneo PIM into the infrastructure of the LAPP Group B2B portal

LAPP Russia is the representative office of the international holding LAPP Group. LAPP is a major manufacturer and supplier of cable and wire products in Russia.
The customer wanted to improve the process of product data management on their B2B portal. Although SAP integration with EPIM had been configured earlier, the access to the holding's shared storage with product information was restricted. We came up with a solution that allowed integrating Akeneo PIM, SAP, and the B2B portal, based on partial data upload, not affecting the restricted part of the storage.
Integration of Akeneo PIM into the infrastructure of the LAPP Group B2B portal
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