Pimcore Implementation

Pimcore is an MDM, PIM, DAM, and e-Commerce platform (CMS). Pimcore allows you to manage of all the workflow data in a single system. Pimcore's credo is flexibility.

kt.team is a Pimcore strategic partner in Russia and UK.
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rus: Pimcore Качество и семантика данных

Data Quality and Semantics

Pimcore allows formatting different kinds of data sets using the industry best practices, business rules, unique tests, metadata, and machine learning.

Managing Data Hierarchies

Pimcore offers centralized management for data and data domains. By modeling complex data hierarchies, you can efficiently classify all data objects and centrally manage multi-domain hierarchies according to the specific business requirements.
rus: Pimcore Управление иерархией данных
rus: Pimcore Workflow-менеджмент

Workflow Management

Pimcore Workflow is a set of actions in Pimcore that support object's lifecycle and define its business process that are based on the Symfony Workflow component. Workflows can have their own States, as well as means of changing these States according to the specific rules (Transition Guard), which ensure more convenience while working together and help track progress and make necessary improvements.

Data Versioning

All actions, such as making or removing a publication, deleting or migrating to a new version are accompanied via a special scheduler – the Cron Scheduler. It helps keep track of all the updates by all the workflow stages, i.e. when, by whom and how the object was updated.
rus: Pimcore Версионирование данных
rus: Pimcore Поддержка переопределения и расширения объектов

Support of Object Overriding and Extension

Despite the fact that a standard set of Field Collections is usually sufficient, the presence of multiple variations can complicate the validation set-up, and most of the data fields will have empty values.
Object Bricks helps speed up the work on structuring object variations. For example, you can create a section called "Electronics" and add "Displays" to it, then expand "Displays" by adding "Monitors" and "Televisions". Object Bricks can be applied not only to products, but also to any type of data: payment method, delivery method, etc.

Content Integration

For content acquisition from different channels, its distribution and the following organization, Pimcore has special layouts for the detailed data structuring. Layouts can be customized and expanded optionally. Thus, all data will be orderly arranged and stored in the same place, thus simplifying further operations with it.
rus: Pimcore Интеграция контента
rus: Pimcore Аудит работ

Work Audits

Pimcore MDM helps efficiently manage and maintain different versions of structured and unstructured data in one place for better data governance. Thus, you can have better control over data governance and data stewardship. This helps monitor the operations with data about products, services and technologies and scale it along with the workflow, if necessary.


Assets are Pimcore's DAM functionality that allow you to structure and store files (including images), as well as enrich them with metadata (for example, ALT for photos or a chronological time scale for videos). You can also use third-party services such as Google, LibreOffice, or Ghostscript to preview media files. Moreover, Pimcore has an Image Editor – an easy-to-use image editor.
rus: Pimcore Наборы (Assets)
rus: Pimcore Вычисляемые данные

Calculated Values

Pimcore supports the Calculated Value Configurator, which can be either simple (gallons to liters – a simple division by 3,8), or programmable (for example, current exchange rates are used to convert USD to EUR).


Pimcore supports Google Authenticator starting with build 256 (6).
It is possible to create a PDF file for one or several objects using retail software (PHP web2print PDFreactor).

Creating a PDF

Two-factor authentication

Pimcore allows sending notifications to users. They can be generated for some events, tasks, or created via API. This helps speed up the work process in case it is required to notify an operator about some urgent tasks, i.e. with messages like "A mandatory attribute for all monitors was added. Please, make sure to fill it in your categories today."
Pimcore provides built-in tools to visualize all sorts of data and ensures high flexibility of the solution. You can even create a widget and write an SQL or Elastic query using the inbuilt software!
Dashboards can be either shared or private – with their own set of widgets.



In Pimcore, you can customize the attributes to match your personal queries.


rus: Pimcore Атрибут «Таблица»
rus: Pimcore Атрибут «Структурированная таблица»
rus: Pimcore Атрибут «Динамическая выборка» (Select Types with Dynamic Options)
If the structure of attribute values is not required at the data level, an operator can fill in data organized as a table with an opportunity to add any fields and lines. It's easy to use.
If you need to structure the attributes in a way that one attribute is composite in relation to the others. The composite attribute forms a separate table with lines and columns.
Useful when the values for filling in the objects are taken from an external source, i.e., from the ERP system (up-to-date Counterparties list). It is possible to specify the class or service name that will be used to populate the list with data.

The Table attribute

The Structured Table attribute

The Select Types with Dynamic Options attribute

rus: Pimcore Наследование атрибутов

Attribute Inheritance

Pimcore Attribute Inheritance feature helps minimize manager's effort for data control and maintenance. Objects of the same class can inherit data from their parent objects in the object tree One use case is the storage of product data. For example, "Electronics" is a mandatory attribute, and the "Displays" include the attributes of "Electronics" along with their own mandatory attributes.


rus: Pimcore легко интегрируется с другими системами | kt.team
Source: pimcore.com


AUDI AG is a German manufacturer of premium cars that produces and distributes cars all around the world.

Pimcore was used to set up a new Order Portal for Audi dealerships. When an order is placed by a dealer, the system automatically detects the relevant supplier based on the dealer's location. The order is automatically sent to the supplier via an XML feed. Pimcore flexible data modeling and user rights and role management features allowed setting up user interface for each market individually.


Burger King is an American chain of fast-food restaurants.

With the Pimcore solution, Burger King is able to manage their websites and applications with minimal support from outside sources. With the ease of use, their managers can frequently update content and make sure that campaigns are promoted on-time with significant exposure via websites and mobile apps using push notifications for iOS and Android users.

Restaurant Service

La Redoute is France's biggest online clothing and home decor retailer.

The Pimcore Automated Notification system informs managers as long as there are new documents to be registered on the website. If a person doesn't enter the system two weeks before the deadline, they receive an automatic reminder. In Pimcore, all prices are automatically converted and displayed according to the geographical location of the buyer. All the updates take place in run-time and within a single system.



Pimcore integration for the workflow automation and data management

FM Logistic is an international logistics company that provides warehousing, cargo handling and packaging solutions and supply chain services.
The task was to develop a unified system to manage temporary employees, to automate the invoicing procedures, to manage claims and calculate employee performance KPIs, with an opportunity of sending documentation and reports to third-party companies.

Pimcore integration for tracking quantity and quality metrics

An online store working as a wholesale and retail supplier of spare parts for foreign and Russian cars.
The client was in need of a system that would allow tracking both quantity and quality metrics of content managers' work.

Pimcore integration for the automation and planning of the daily production process

A major agricultural holding, one of the major Russia's turkey producers.
To automate and digitize the data collection to facilitate the planning of the production schedule.
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