Akeneo PIM Integration into the Infrastructure of The Store
e-Commerce Site

en: Akeneo PIM Integration into the infrastructure of The Store e-Commerce site


The Store is an American company that performs technical restoration and the subsequent selling of certified electronics.

The client wanted to create a multilingual marketplace. The major obstacles were a complicated management process and the need to support large directories with millions of SKUs, as well as implementing the possibility to aggregate suppliers.


We suggested packing the complex logic for feed load and suppliers' management in the Akeneo CE PIM system.
en: Akeneo PIM Integration into the infrastructure of The Store e-Commerce site

Functionality and Interface

We have improved the interface and functionality of the Akeneo PIM system to best match the client's needs.
We have automated the product management process, and currently there are 30,263 products in the system. Due to the PIM system integration, it is now possible to synchronize the entire product data array by categories and groups in a single system for easier operation and data processing.
en: Akeneo PIM Functionality and interface

Integration with Custom ERP

Taking the specifics of the customer's document flow and pricing into consideration, we implemented integration with a custom ERP system, which allows taking into account all the rules, bonuses, discounts and penalties.

We also integrated the Akeneo PIM system with Magento and Vue Storefront.
en: Akeneo PIM Integration with custom ERP

Working with Suppliers

Since the project was aimed at the cooperation with suppliers, we developed the feature of product upload to the website from different sources. The supplier performs operations in a user account on the website, which is linked to the Akeneo PIM interface via the API.

Direct Products Upload

We have implemented the opportunity of uploading products to the showcase directly from the Akeneo PIM system, with no need of the website synchronization with the PIM system. The solution is designed using a PWA website front-end that merged data between Magento and Akeneo.

The need for the direct product uploads was justified by the requirement to effectively operate large catalogs, designed for hundreds of millions SKUs.
rus: Интеграция Akeneo PIM в инфраструктуру интернет-магазина The Store
en: Direct products upload

PXM System Integration

Since it will be a global marketplace with customers from around the world, it is necessary to adapt and enrich the attributes, the website content, and the product content in accordance with the regional, language and cultural particularities. To implement these requirements successfully, a PXM system was integrated.
en: PXM system integration


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