Andrey Putin
CEO, Founder of Komlizierte Technologien
  • Implementation of projects for federal networks and international companies;
  • Project management for online stores and B2B portals;
  • Working with data-driven.
Participation in the projects
Komlizierte Technologien
Founding of the company Komlizierte Technologien.
Bragard USA
Creating an online store Bragard. The first major project abroad.
The launch of the first Russian Magento 2 B2B project.
Snow Queen (SQ)
Getting started with one of the largest customers of the «Snow Queen», after the first 3 months of work and fixes their turnovers doubled on sales through the online store.
Technology Fronta Vue.js
Full transition to Scrum, Agile techniques.
Getting started with improved technology for Fronta Vue. js.
Commissioning AR augmented reality technologies.