Our case studies

We provided the plumbing and sanitaryware manufacturer with the opportunity to easily scale up its business: add new items and quickly connect new sales channels

  • Goods are uploaded to the distributor in Pimcore in 10 seconds.
  • 100,000 new items can be added in 1.5 hours.
  • The WebDAV protocol allows content managers to download 100 GB of media files without slowing down other systems.
  • The complex structure of the catalog with 300 directories does not slow down Pimcore via using the Classification Store option with custom improvements.
PIM system

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Development of a PLM system and working day planning for a food holding

  • Pimcore was implemented for product lifecycle management.
  • Sub-processes were identified within the production day that could be performed in parallel, and together with the client, we redesigned the process structure.
  • The preparation of a working day plan was automated, taking into account the daily production plan and the daily shipment schedule.
  • We compiled a transition matrix — a table of the duration of reconfiguring production equipment when switching between types of manufactured products. The table includes 900 rows and 900 columns, according to the number of items in the production catalog.

Development of the storefront of the Brandly multi-brand store from scratch

  • KT.Team has developed a flexible architecture for an online store that allows you to quickly add new features.
  • Templates were created for standard pages and product cards, which reduced the cost of adding new pages and products.
  • A convenient structure for our personal account and shopping cart were developed, which has improved the customer experience.
  • We have developed an architecture that can handle high loads.

We have implemented a PIM system for music retailer Muztorg

  • We ensured the transfer of data from the old PIM system to Pimcore.
  • We customized and expensive Pimcore functions for
  • We set up automatic data validation to reduce the number of errors in sales channels.
  • We automated the deduplication of product cards.
  • We have moved on to integrating a second system for managing data on counterparties based on Pimcore.
PIM system

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We have developed a single API to quickly connect 200+ 1C:Retail systems

  • We have developed a universal API for connecting 1C: Retail.
  • We have ensured that the information in the systems of 200 retail outlets is relevant.
  • We have reduced the load on ERP.
  • We have eliminated the loss of information during transmission between systems.
ESB system

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We have developed a targeted system integration scheme for a manufacturing enterprise. We implemented ESB technology and launched 48 streams

  • We conducted a pre-project survey to implement ESB.
  • We designed a map of integrations between systems.
  • We have developed a roadmap for implementing changes.
IT consulting
ESB system

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