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Mobile application development

Mobile app development

In 2019, 4.4 billion people were active on the Internet, and more than half of them prefer mobile devices.
M-Commerce is a new level of e-commerce. Increase sales of your goods and services through the mobile app!

What business problems does the mobile application solve


Bring customers back

The customer retention rate (CRR) for apps is 50% higher than that of mobile sites. Reasons: Your smartphone is always at hand, your brand icon on the screen reminds users to make a purchase here and now, which increases the number of repeat purchases. And sending push notifications doesn't let you forget about the “abandoned” “Cart”.


Increase customer loyalty

Your customers will be able to use loyalty programs, discount offers, bonuses and promotions more actively. Get feedback from customers about the work of your business/service, the quality of goods and services. The mobile application will allow you to achieve a high degree of engagement and satisfaction for your customers.


Increase your average purchase price

Create personalized offers and recommendations for customers based on an analysis of their past purchases or shopping cart content. Use cross-sell and up-sell to increase your average purchase receipt.


Attract new customers

New customers are already waiting for you on the App Store and Google Play. The mobile app is easy to share: built-in features allow users to share information about your products and services with their friends and family.


Increase purchase conversions

The most convenient and functional interface (user-friendly), saving information about payment data and past purchases will allow users to place an order in a couple of clicks. And sending push notifications will increase conversions at every stage of the funnel: from waking up customers who “fell asleep” during the selection stage to returning those who have almost placed an order for payment.


Improve customer service efficiency

The integration of the mobile application with the CRM system will make it possible to receive basic business data in real time, such as performance indicators: the number of customers and orders, costs, profits, and product data. Gather data about customer interests and preferences to implement successful marketing strategies.

Industry solutions

Personal account

B2B portals, mobile operators, utilities, delivery services, etc.

"Personal Account" allows your customer to switch to self-service, place an order at a convenient time for him, with the ability to raise information about his purchases at any time.

As a result:

• cost optimization;
• sales growth;
• automation of business processes;
• increasing customer loyalty to the brand.

Loyalty system

Making plastic cards is an expensive process. In addition, the customer may forget or lose the card. And he always has his mobile phone in his hand, with the app you save him from carrying all his cards with you. Setting up push notifications informs the client faster and more efficiently than email and SMS.

As a result:

• personalization of communication with the client;
• sales growth;
• stimulation of additional sales based on individual customer preferences;
• increasing customer loyalty to the brand;
• reducing the cost of issuing plastic cards and SMS messaging.


E-commerce is characterized by increased requirements for service speed. All transactions should be carried out quickly, without unnecessary steps. Setting up push notifications informs customers faster and more efficiently than email and SMS. Integration with messengers and social networks allows customers to share purchases and services with other users.
E-commerce To save money and development time, we recommend PWA technology.

Progressive Web Apps is a browser-based mobile app that does not require additional installation.

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