Implementation of a New Theme
on Magento as Part of Online Store Redesign


PANDORA is a jewelry house founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. As of 2019, PANDORA jewellery is sold in more than 100 countries on six continents through more than 7,700 points of sale, including more than 2,600 concept stores.


Our objectives were as follows: to implement a new theme on Magento, to adapt the foreign redesign layout taking into consideration the behavioral traits of Russian users, as well as the existing marketing integrations of the client.
We worked under tight deadlines, because it was necessary to launch the website before Black Friday, at the same time ensuring its stable work under high loads.


    • Implementing a new theme on Magento
    • Adaptation of the redesign layout taking into consideration the behavioral traits of Russian users
    • Improvements to the website's functionality

      Implementing a new theme on Magento

      We only had 2 months allocated for the project implementation: the project had to be implemented in time for the "Black Friday" sales. The time was limited, so to meet the deadlines, we decided to split the overall website functionality into critical and postponed. This way we were able to dedicate more time and focus on the implementation of critical functionality and only after that proceed to the postponed part.

      Adaptation of a foreign redesign layout

      The website redesign layout presented by the head office was aimed at the foreign audience. In case of Russia, it was necessary to adapt the design to the behavioral traits of the Russian people.

      For example, due to the particularities of the legal regulations on e-commerce, the standard the foreign website version had a two-step checkout process. There are no such legal requirements in Russia, so we suggested making a one-page checkout. Using the data-driven design methodology, we managed to increase the checkout completion rate in the sales funnel. The results of Black Friday came up to proof.

      Implementation of postponed tasks

      Having implemented the first part of the development, we proceeded to supplementary tasks: we upgraded the wish list, improved the "Reviews" block in the product card to match the design.


      We managed to finalize the project before Black Friday and set up the website analytics before the release. The website coped with the increased load during the sales, at the end of which we compared the results of this year to the previous one — and we were very satisfied.
      A 137 %
      increase in the revenue
      A 201 %
      increase in the number of transactions
      A 130 %
      increase in convertion rates
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