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Our portfolio
Snow Queen (Snezhnaya Koroleva) is a major online fashion store, operating throughout Russia.
Tasks set to a previous contractor by Snow Queen were not fulfilled. As a result, a routine sale («Black Friday») showed poor results, as incoming customer orders were not processed.
  • To bring the project to Magento and make a seamless transition to Magento 2;
  • To scale the server operation and to optimize the import of stock balance;
  • To transfer to hosting, to enable OMNICHANNEL;
  • To connect multi stock to Magento 2 and to integrate with PIM.
+39,9 %
the conversion increased
+57,8 %
the number of purchases increased
+67,7 %
the profits increased
The online store La Nature offers European brands of designer jewelry handcrafted by the best artists and craftsmen.
The website did not meet the criteria of a modern user as to its speed and appeal. The customer would like to renovate the website design and make it more modern and innovative.
    • Website redesign;
    • Development of an omnichannel online store with integrating CRM and ERP (Bitrx24/ 1C UT (trade management);
    • The introduction of PWA-based front end for Magento, analytics tracking.
    0.1 sec
    the page loading speed
    from 0,74 % to 1,22 %
    the conversion increased
    by 30 %
    the product views per session metric increased
    In cooperation with, we have been developing Vue Storefront, an ultra-fast front end technology for La Nature, for many months.
    Saint-Gobain is developing innovative solutions for construction, renovation, industry, and transport.
    The project is aimed at the self-service of large corporate customers. The customers should be able to create orders through the website and their own ERP systems, taking into account all the rules, markups, discounts, penalties, pricing features, and unique offers.
      • B2B portal creation on Magento 2;
      • Akeneo PIM deployment;
      • SAP ERP integration;
      • Mobile application development on iOS and Android platforms;
      • Development of the automated claims processing system Claims.
      Within a month
      An MVP integrated with SAP based on the original version of the design was launched.
      Within 2 months
      A project with all the described functionality was launched, and the first customers were connected.
      Within 6 months
      All the business processes in accounts were debugged taking into consideration the complexity of cases.
      The Russian company Norgau develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality tools and equipment under its own brand NORGAU.
      It was required to develop an online store for the B2B sector with over 600,000 SKUs while taking into account specifics of the document flow, individual pricing and the development of an extensive shopping cart. Many contractors refused the project because of its complexity.
        • To create an online store on Magento 2;
        • To develop a B2B portal;
        • To implement Akeneo PIM;
        • To create a single design for the site.
        Norgau became the first Russian online store developed on Magento 2 and released in production in August 2016, in less than a year after the release of Magento 2.0 (December 2015).
        TVOE is the largest fashionable clothes seller of a low-budget price range.
        The project is quite complex in its internal business processes. A great deal of money was spent on Oracle-based development, but a previous contractor failed to launch the site.
        To develop an omnichannel multicurrency online store based on Magento Enterprise with multiple integrations and flexible structure management.
        Magento is just the tip of the iceberg. We have done tremendous work on:
        • Automatic scaling of the number of servers for appropriate setting up (within the resources allocated by the customer, based on Dataline);
        • Integration with a variety of transport companies and payment methods;
        • Click & collect: regular delivery and pickup.
        Sozvezdie Krasoty‎ is a Russian store chain selling beauty and body care products.
        The customer wanted to renew the site design with a focus on the simplicity of presenting information and its attractiveness for users.
        • Site redesign.
        • Data-driven design.
        • UI/UX-grid.
        • 28 layouts and more than 100 layouts with adaptability.
        FM Logistic is an international logistics company with its headquarters in France. It provides services in warehouse storage, co-packing, transporting goods, and supply chain management.
        FM Logistic used to work with several WMS systems that managed different warehouses. Data exchange between the systems was prone to delays and data losses. To manage the information correctly, the client required a centralized data flow management system.
        • Magento 2.3 as the centralized data flow management system;
        • Integration with a WMS system;
        • Integration with LMS systems;
        • Web service for stickering and label printing.
        • Integration with EDI.
        • SMS-module integration.