Development of a Subscription-Based Product Delivery Service


Danone Direct is an online store of a major global food manufacturer.


The Danone Direct product delivery service worked on Magento 1. Due to an outdated Magento version, it has become slow and bugged (catalog loading could take more than 10 seconds). The website's conversion rate was 0.06 %. It was not positioned as a subscription service.


    • Website Redesign
    • Elaboration of the business logic of a one-time purchase and delivery subscription
    • Seamless transition to Magento 2
    • Implementing PWA-front on Vue Storefront
    • Implementation of Two-Factor Authentication via social networks
    • Re-designing the catalog and a subscription service
    • "1C" integration with stock balances

      Migration to Magento 2 and PWA Implementation

      We began with the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The PWA was implemented to increase the website loading speed (Vue Storefront, SPA). A web server written in Node.js was used as a backend for the frontend part, whereas Elasticsearch was used as a database.

      Authentication via social networks

      Authorization via social networks is not a typical solution on Vue Storefront. To simplify the registration procedure, our developers added a Magento-based module and created additional endpoints so that users could log in via VK or Facebook or with their Google account.

      "1C" integration with stock balances

      The old website version had the following problem: the stock balances were not evaluated, and quite often users could order products that were out of stock. Managers had to call customers and offer some alternatives of the selected products. Our developers have integrated 1C with Magento so that the entire product range is available on the website and a user can pre-order products if currently they are out of stock.
      LAPP Russia. Разработка b2b-портала на PWA. Интеграция с PIM, SAP ERP, аналитикой и службами доставки
      LAPP Russia. Разработка b2b-портала на PWA. Интеграция с PIM, SAP ERP, аналитикой и службами доставки
      For example, if a user adds a product to the "Cart", and its stock numbers are limited, they see a website notification this product will be delivered in four days.
      Website Redesign
      The main objective of the redesign is to transform the product subscription service. Custdev proved that the first interface version was not totally comprehensible for users: they were not familiar with the subscription options, and there were no explanations provided on the actual website. The subscription calendar was not clear enough and had a "single use" design according to users.
      Google Analytics data showed that about 70 % of users leave the website at the checkout stage and don't make a purchase. Using the analytical data, our designers have completely transformed the subscription interface, making it more comprehensible, and singled out its three main stages: frequency, day and time of delivery.
      In order to remove all customers doubts associated with a new subscription service, we decided to improve the website by adding separate pages about the Subscription and Delivery services where added the answers to frequently asked questions and helped remove all clients' concerns.

      Checkout Revision

      The previous checkout version included four steps, each of them being placed on a separate page. We have simplified the purchasing procedure by introducing a single-page checkout and allowing the unregistered users to make orders as well.


      The redesign and website functionality optimization results turned out to be impressive. The results of almost a year and a half of work are as follows:
      to ₽3111,31
      increase in average purchase amount
      from ₽1294,37
      to 1,25 %
      increase in website conversion rates
      from 0,14 %
      to ₽1 051 623,51
      increase in the monthly income
      from ₽89 311,82
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