Consulting service and support for digital business transformation

Low-code подход в разработке IT-проекта

en: Consulting service and support for digital business transformation
en: IT consulting with a focus on business goals

IT consulting with a focus on business goals

We provide recommendations on how to use IT tools to achieve strategic and tactical business goals.
en: IT project Support and Mentoring

IT project Support and Mentoring

We carry out architectural oversight of project implementation: taking the project aims into account, we assess how the IT tools are used, if the development results correspond to the project aims, help separate technical support from the project development.
en: Audit of the IT infrastructure or an individual system

Audit of the IT infrastructure or an individual system

We help make a convincing project presentation to the upper management.
Aim of consulting: to consider various technological solutions in the context of business tasks.

It is a useful option if you are planning a digital transformation or a business model change. You need to choose the best IT solution and justify it.
We carry out regular status monitoring to identify what has to be improved. Together with the project manager, we make project status presentations, monitor the project implementation, deadlines, metrics, etc.
It is useful if you're already carrying out a project for IT system implementation, but the technical or business competencies of your contractor are insufficient.
We analyze the existing IT infrastructure, individual systems and business processes. We correlate them with the company's organizational structure. We identify business process owners.. We record errors (system and internal) that complicate the optimal system and process operation. Together with the technical team, we check how the quality monitoring is carried out and what artifacts are available.
We offer minor changes to make improvements in a short time.
We do not carry out audits for the sake of audits as such and do not attempt to discredit a contractor — any project can be accompanied by the solutions of different optimality based on a certain context (deadlines, goals). We try to analyse the situation from the point of view of audit aims (performativity, speed of changes, failure to achieve goals, etc.).

It is useful if your team is overloaded and the business is constantly waiting for the system edits.


As-Is situation analysis

Analysis of the current IT architecture and business processes. Identification of business process owners.

To-Be situation analysis

What are the project goals? How should the project architecture and business processes change in the future? What business processes will be affected and what new business processes should be introduced?

Business process modeling

Modeling of new business processes and reorganization of existing processes in accordance with the new business model.

Systems and tech stack selection

Selection of technologies taking into account the current architecture, customer's tasks and further project development.

Implementation (mentoring and project support)

Project implementation support, project architecture and status control.
en: As-Is situation analysis
en: To-Be situation analysis
en: Business process modeling
en: Systems and tech stack selection
en: Implementation (mentoring and project support)


The manager's task is to develop the client's project by improving its metrics. Therefore, we pay close attention not only to the recruitment process (more than 100 interviews per vacancy), but also to the constant improvement of our current team.
We support processes that allow analyzing all the required metrics and provide simple communication with us for big Russian and international businesses.
Deep expertise and a wide range of technologies applied to enable project implementation on any stack and the use of a low-code system or a ready-made solution.

Process approach

Focus on business goals

Solutions instead of technologies

Each project is evaluated separately.
To calculate the approximate cost of your project, use our commercial offer.
We follow the
time and materials
model with a fixed cost
72 €
per hour


en: Sergey Vlaznev Sales Manager |
Sergey Vlaznev
Sales Manager
You can ask Sergey any questions related to your project and he will guide you through the work scope, terms and costs.
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