Create online stores with a 2% conversion rate in no more than 6 months. We use data-driven design and analytical data from the Baymard Institute to develop high-conversion design solutions.

Three Essentials of Success

"We work on the Magento platform – a global leader in the segment CMS systems for e-Commerce*".
*according to the Gartner Report 2020.

1. Reliable Technical Solution

The applicable standards are defined by the clear code architecture, so the projects pass any international code quality audit. You can easily hand off the project to an internal technical department or another contractor, if necessary.
High code quality standards
The admin panel in Magento allows making quick changes and using marketing tools to for website promotion.
Easy-to-use content management system
There are no limitations on the functionality, the memory, processes, performance: the platform is growing along with your business and can cope with any loads. Promotions and sales, Black Fridays   – your website can handle up to 4000   user requests per second (tested on the Snow Queen case).
Project scalability
We use PWA (Progressive Web Applications) and bring the page loading time to 0.1 sec.

We provide integration with any systems, including 1C, SAP, Axapta, Navision, delivery services, payment systems, CRM, ERP, WMS, customer loyalty systems, and BPM systems.

Fast Load

World E-Commerce Leaders Use Magento

To optimize your website for higher conversions, your interface should guide users through a marketing funnel in the most native way: starting on the main page right to the payment form.

2. Intuitive Up-to-Date Interface

21 staff members.
Experience in implementing more than 30 major e-commerce projects.
Two projects in the top of Runet Rating.
Three projects in the top of Interaction Behance.
Design Department TSEKH
In our solutions we do not rely on a single designer's preferences, but incorporate analytical data from the Baymard Institute and the data-driven design. Thus, we only use the most effective solutions that have been tested and used by such e-Commerce giants as ASOS, Walmart, Amazon, and, what is more, helped them increase the number of purchases. You get a website selling your product at the highest conversion rate.

The idea of a good design

3. Smooth Operation of all Systems

A medium or large online store requires a wide range of integrations with third-party systems: 1C, SAP, Axapta, Navision, delivery services, payment systems, CRM, ERP, WMS, loyalty systems and BPM systems. It also requires a user-friendly content management system.
The combination might be different for each project. Our experience allows us to implement all kinds of integrations in accordance with your business objectives. And well-functioning management and quality control processes allow us to deliver projects on time.

  • Seamless Magento integration with any system.
  • Our portfolio includes technical solutions for Pimcore and Akeneo PIM product information management.

Our cases

Snow Queen is the Russia's major chain of multi-brand fashion stores. Today, the company operates more than hundred of stores in all the major cities.
The tasks set by Snow Queen to a previous contractor were not fulfilled, As a result, the company's next sales ("black Friday") failed, as the incoming customer orders were not processed.
    • Implementing a seamless transition to Magento 2
    • Website Design
    • Scaling the server operation and optimize the remaining stock import
    • Transferring to another hosting
    • Enabling omnichannel
    • Connecting multi stock on Magento 2
    • Integration with PIM
    • Integration with OMS and ATOL
    increase in profit
    increase in the number of purchases
    increase in conversion rates
    Mareven Food is a major fast food manufacturer. Its brand names include Rollton, Big Bon, Petra and Mareven Food Professional.
    The company has many distributors in Russia that make regular wholesale orders. Our task was to create a platform where the company's distributors could place orders, track a working order status, view the order history, see their performance indicators, and get information about the company's new products.
      • Development of a portal for distributors with the opportunity of independent order placing on Magento 2.
      • Development and implementation of the platform design. The dashboard with indicators is displayed in the user's Personal Account: data compared with the previous year, current month and financial status indicators.
      • Automated updates of directories and basic information on the portal.
      • Automated order processing minimizes the manual efforts during the order processing.
      Technologies: Magento 2, Vue Storefront, Elasticsearch, Redis.
      2 months
      to implement MVP
      4 months
      to implement all the features
      La Nature is an online store offering the European brands of handcrafted artisan jewelry made by the best craftsmen and artists.
      The website did not meet the criteria of a modern user in terms of work speed and attractiveness. The customer wanted to update the website design and make it modern and innovative.
        • Website Redesign
        • Development of an omnichannel online store on Magento 2
        • Integration with CRM and ERP
        • Implementing a PWA-front for Magento
          Together with Divante.co, we have developed an ultra-fast front Vue Storefront technology for La Nature.
          0,1 sec.
          time of page loading
          From 0,74% to 1,22%
          increased convertion rate
          By 30%
          increased rate of product views per session


          The manager's task is to develop the client's project by improving its metrics. Therefore, we pay close attention not only to the recruitment process (more than 100 interviews per vacancy), but also to the constant improvement of our current team.
          We support processes that allow analyzing all the required metrics and provide simple communication with us for big Russian and international businesses.
          Deep expertise and a wide range of technologies applied to enable project implementation on any stack and the use of a low-code system or a ready-made solution.

          Process approach

          Focus on business goals

          Solutions instead of technologies

          Why Online Stores on Magento
          are More Advanced Compared to their Competitors?

          1. Flexible Work with the Content

          • Higher conversion rates due to the possibility of dynamic content provision, promotions, and prices for specific customers based on their location, gender, order history, lifetime purchase cost, and many others.
          • Powerful tools for content design, editing, and testing that do not narrow the creativity and can be managed without developers.
          • High performance due to website changes management via the time panel. Automatic updates deployment at the scheduled time for greater efficiency and without involving IT specialists.
          • Work with large catalogs and easily scale your search capabilities at a growing number of queries with the integrated Elasticsearch technology.

          2. Unlimited Growth

          • Manage several international websites selling in multiple currencies, payment methods, and multiple languages for a quick setup and launch of a new website on the international markets. Everything's in the single back-end.
          • Use the capacities of deploying your production environment in any of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centers.
          • Make quick and easy websites optimized for any device using built-in adaptive design templates.
          • Discover a new way of working with your wholesale customers: create a B2B portal providing customers with the access to self-service tools. Improve customer loyalty, reduce costs and increase sales.

          3. Simple Data Handling

          • Use business intelligence tools: analyze Magento data, assess the return on marketing investment, retention rates, conversion rates, and much more.
          • Connect your key systems and combine all the data in a central AWS data center, where it will be automatically updated on a regular basis. This can save hours of employees' work.
          • Generate reports using the built-in intuitive service. Create formulas and adjust time parameters in a few clicks. The unlimited number of dashboards, visualization of reports. You can write SQL queries to make your own reports.
          • Manage inventory flow at different warehouses: track the inventory in each warehouse location and choose the necessary warehouse to ship the products from when ordering from any of your websites.

          4. Reliability and Safety

          • The Magento Commerce architecture is designed to provide a highly secure environment. Each website is deployed in an isolated environment of its own.
          • Magento Commerce is PCI certified as a Tier 1 solution provider.
          • A comprehensive set of web APIs allows you to build seamless integrations with third-party systems (for example, CRM or ERP), as well as third-party content management or widget creating systems.
          • Regular updates on Magento Commerce ensure continuous improvements in the infrastructure and functionality, performance and security.
          More cases about the capacities of e-Commerce projects on Magento are posted here.
          Each project is evaluated separately.
          To calculate the approximate cost of your project, use our commercial offer.
          We follow the
          time and materials
          model with a fixed cost
          72 €
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          per hour


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          You can ask Sergey any questions related to your project and he will guide you through the work scope, terms and costs.
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