Optimize website search with Elasticsearch

Optimize your site search with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a search content management solution. It will help your site visitors find exactly what they came for.

What Elasticsearch is used for


Product search

by catalog or separate category



search results by degree of compliance with the query


Data storage

(logs, contact details, bookmarks)

Elasticsearch features


Full-text search by phrase

It supports modifiers: “+” (plus) — the word must be present — and “−” (minus) — the word must be missing. By default, the results will be sorted according to the relevance of the text to the query.


Search filters

Any language has stop words — auxiliary words that do not carry much meaning (for example, conjunctions and prepositions). Elasticsearch simplifies and refines the search phrase to the roots of significant words and excludes stop words. The user gets more relevant results.


Highlighting results

Users love it when the words they are looking for are highlighted in the search results. This is especially important when they search through thousands of products, each with its own description.


Blurred search

If a user makes a typo, Elasticsearch will still give them what they were looking for, unlike MySQL, which would show 0 items in this situation.



Autocomplete helps users find what they want faster, even if they entered a misspelled word combination into the search.

Elasticsearch functionality


Control access to data for every employee. For example, you can only give marketers access to analytics but block access to other data.

Work monitoring

Track performance, get notifications about changes, and compare the performance and performance of several project deployments at once.


Keep abreast of all changes and suspicious activities by setting up an alert system with the ability to choose the method and type of notifications.


Add new servers and the search engine will distribute the load on them. If for some reason a failure occurs, the data will not be lost and the search engine will continue to work smoothly on its own.

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